Garbage Town

Manshiet Nasser is Garbage Town. The largest squatter area in Cairo, the community is populated by trash collectors who have emigrated from rural Egypt since the 1950s. With over 300,000 people living in the area, photographer Carsten Snejbjerg went to capture the lives of the many different residents of Garbage towns. From children helping their fathers collecting trash to sell, to heroin addicts fresh from shooting up, to a woman getting ready for her wedding.

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global yodel

Clever, simple premise;

Global Yodel is based on one simple idea: one’s home is another’s destination.

This website explores the places and cultures of our globe, from the perspective of someone who really knows their spot, the local.

underground new york public library

Every day, approximately seven million people journey through the underworld of New York City’s subway system. Along their daily commutes, some passengers stare into space, rock out on headphones, or sleep. But a special group of riders simultaneously embark on a different kind of journey — through the books they read. Ourit Ben-Haim, New Yorker and self-proclaimed street photographer, has been documenting these “Reading-Riders” since December 2011 on The Underground New York Public Library. From


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